One of the goals of our Association is to provide educational assistance to an amputee student member and/or the children or grandchildren of an EAGA amputee member in good standing. The primary purpose of this grant is to assist an amputee student member and/or the children or grandchildren of an EAGA amputee member in the payment of tuition, fees and books while pursuing an undergraduate degree at an accredited college or institution. The Grant is made payable to the Award recipient. The amount of the grant will be $1,000.00/year for a maximum of four (4) years.

     The EAGA Scholarship Grant Selections will be announced at our Annual EAGA Membership Meeting at the Eastern Regional Amputee Golf Championships at the end of the summer. Presence of the Applicant at the EAGA Annual Membership Meeting is not required nor is it a factor in the determination of the scholarship grant recipient.

     Applications are being accepted from qualified individuals for an educational grant. If you are interested in receiving the EAGA Scholarship Criteria, please contact the EAGA Office at 610-867-9295 or The EAGA is pleased to be able to offer this Scholarship Program on behalf of the Members and Friends of Eastern Amputee Golf Association.

2019-2020 Tyler Dvorin ( MaryLou & Paul DesChamps Fund)
2019-2020 Julia Burcin (Patriot Fund )
2019-2020 Bella Tucker (Buffalo Amputee Classic)
2019-2020 Kayla Fox (Tom Reed Memorial Fund)
2019-2020 Jared Burcin (Patriot Fund)
2019-2020 Joe Rizzio (MaryLou & Paul DesChamps Fund)
2019-2020 Jaden Gerena (Ray & Eileen Froncillo Memorial Fund)
2019-2020 Jennifer Weinstock (MaryLou & Paul DesChamps Fund)
2019-2020 Annie Cerminaro (MaryLou & Paul DesChamps Fund)
2019-2020 Carly Dvorin (MaryLou & Paul DesChamps Fund)
2018-2019 Lance Vargas (Howard Taylor Memorial Fund )
2018-2019 Nicole Miller (Buffalo Amputee Classic Fund)
2018-2019 Corey O'Brien (MaryLou & Paul DesChamps Fund)
2018-2019 Kayleigh Drulett-Grover (MaryLou & Paul DesChamps Fund)
2018-2019 Brittany Mecca (MaryLou & Paul DesChamps Fund)
2018-2019 Guillermos Torres (LVASG Fund)
2017-2018 Jacqueline Ebel (Bob Wilson Memorial Fund)
2017-2018 Parker Dvorin (Howard Taylor Memorial Fund )
2017-2018 Jack Wallace (Howard Taylor Memorial Fund )
2017-2018 Courtney Gentry (MaryLou & Paul DesChamps Fund)
2016-2017 Mitchell Hull (MaryLou & Paul DesChamps Fund)
2016-2017 Ryan Fenn (North Hills CC Fund)
2016-2017 Elizabeth Szpara ( Buffalo Amputee Classic Fund)
2016-2017 Maggie MacAllister (MaryLou & Paul DesChamps Fund)
2016-2017 Attiah Fogle (Tom Reed Memorial Fund)
2016-2017 Cole Weinstock (MaryLou & Paul DesChamps Fund)
2016-2017 Chris Fenn (North Hills CC Fund)